Terms and Conditions


1. Definitions

Northern Beaches DJ’s & Events: Northern Beaches DJ’s & Events, registered business and any employees/staff and contractors. Client: The person, organization, company or other body which is hiring the goods as specified on the Booking Form. Event date: The time and date of the event, confirmed by Northern Beaches DJ’s & Events and noted on the Booking Form. Booking Form: The form completed by, or on behalf of, the client and Northern Beaches DJ’s & Events specifying details of the booking. Day: A calendar day, unless specified otherwise.


2. Booking confirmation

2.1. A booking is not confirmed until the client confirms the quotation, pays any costs as outlined under ‘Payments’ in these terms and conditions, and receives confirmation of the booking from Northern Beaches DJ’s & Events.


2.2 Paying the deposit is an acknowledgement that you have read, understand & accept these terms & conditions.

2.3 Deposits not received within 14 days of the booking made can have your booking cancelled at our discretion.


3. Payments

3.1. A non-refundable deposit is payable upon booking. The booking is not confirmed until the deposit is received by Northern Beaches DJ’s & Events.


3.2. The balance of the booking cost is payable at least 14 days before the client’s event.


3.3. If the balance of the booking costs is not received at least 14 days before the event date, the booking can be cancelled and the client will forfeit the deposit & allowing us to book another event.


3.4. If the client requests use of Northern Beaches DJ’s & Events services in excess of the time noted on the Booking Agreement, this will be charged at the hourly rate on the quotation and charged prior to the event. We are not required to stay beyond the original booking time but will take each occasion on a one on one basis. We will decline the offer to stay longer if your event is becoming violent or if guests are too intoxicated.


4. Access, space & power requirements

4.1. The client shall ensure a safe and appropriate environment is provided for Northern Beaches DJ’s & Events to operate its equipment.


4.2. The client must ensure a reasonable space for set up. Access to 240v power within 10m of Northern Beaches DJ’s & Events equipment. If an outdoor event, a full undercover area is required protecting our equipment from all sorts of weather.


5. Changes & cancellations

5.1. Requests for changes of the event date must be made in writing via email. No request will be accepted via a phone call or verbal


5.2. All cancellations will result in the client forfeiting the deposit.


5.3. Cancellations made within 14 days of the event date will result in the client forfeiting all payments made to Northern Beaches DJ’s & Events & also the client still owing us for the balance of the full amount & all financial recovery costs. This is due to us being unable to secure another booking within the 14 days – thus creating a financial loss caused by your decision to cancel.


5.4. Northern Beaches DJ’s & Events can cancel any booking at any time if the client becomes unreasonable to deal with or fails to co operate. If Northern Beaches DJ’s & Events decides to cancel a booking, all payments made will be refunded to the Client.


6. Damage to equipment

6.1. In order to prevent damage to equipment, Northern Beaches DJ’s & Events reserves the right to deny service to any person.


6.2. If circumstances arise where a threat or implied threat of harm, damage or violence to Northern Beaches DJ’s & Events staff or equipment, Northern Beaches DJ’s & Events reserves the right to cease providing services. If the situation is unable to be resolved, Northern Beaches DJ’s & Events will cease the provision of service with the client receiving no refund.


6.3. Any damage to Northern Beaches DJ’s & Events equipment during the client’s event caused by the client, client’s guests or any other person in attendance at the event whether invited or not, will result in the cost to repair/replace the equipment. The client will also be responsible for all financial recovery costs if repair/replacement costs are not paid.

6.4 The Client is fully responsible for our security & safety while attending your event. This also includes during set up and pack down.


7. Use of images

7.1. The client gives permission for all photos taken during the event to be used on Northern Beaches DJ’s & Events website, face book page and other promotional material. We will remove images if requested in writing & also comply with not displaying any images upfront if notified in writing only beforehand.


8. Indemnification

8.1. Northern Beaches DJ’s & Events will not be held responsible for any circumstances outside their control. This includes, but is not limited to, fire, riot, civil commotion, accidents, acts of nature and equipment failure. If such circumstances arise, all reasonable efforts will be made by Northern Beaches DJ’s & Events to provide service or find a suitable replacement service. If this is not possible, the client will receive a refund of partial or all payments for the booking at our discretion depending on the circumstances.


8.2. The parties agrees that in all circumstances, Northern Beaches DJ’s & Events and the clients liability is limited to an amount equal to the booking cost and the parties are not liable for indirect or consequential damages to each other.


9. Attendants/ Staff

9.1 Attendants/staff are to be provided with a supplier meal at ALL evening bookings bookings of 4 hours or more.

10. Exceptions

10.1 Unless it is expressly agreed between the parties in writing the Terms and Conditions stated on a quotation or invoice will override these terms and conditions.