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Jonah's Whale Beach Weddings

Having your special event at Jonah's Whale Beach? Great choice, it's an amazing venue with an incredible view! Whether you are using the whole venue or just the terrace, we've curated some Live Music & DJ Packages just for you. We've also included a special deal on our Open Air Photo Booths. 

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Extended Service

We aim to go above and beyond. You'll get a free consultation to ensure that we know what you are after and that everything runs smoothly on the night. 


Stress Less, all of our wedding musicians and wedding DJ's have had over 5 years experience, that way you know your in the best hands!

Totally you and totally fine

We tailor each music option to your taste, event and guests. We also want you to be worry free, therefore we are fully insured in case anything goes wrong!

Jonahs Whale Beach Weddings

"My event is on the Terrace , so what can I do re music?"

Due to sound restrictions we are only able to play un-amplified music on the Terrace. Unfortunately this mean's that you can not use a DJ, BUT you can opt for a live music. Our Musician's will be able play without PA. Alternatively if you don't want live music, you always just use the Bose Bluetooth Speaker that Jonah's provide. 

Package Options



πŸ’ Dj Hire (5 Hours)
⋆ 2 x 350watt PA speakers with microphone
⋆Tailored Wedding DJ with a minimum of 5 years experience. 

πŸ’ Free Consultation



πŸ’ DJ Hire (5 Hours) 

πŸ’ Live Music (2 Hours) **
⋆ Wedding solo acoustic musician.
⋆ 2 x 350watt PA speakers.
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πŸ’ Suitable for Terrace weddings - acoustic only

πŸ’ Live Music (4 Hours) **
⋆ Wedding solo acoustic musician
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